A Beautiful Destination worth travelling Pokhara, Nepal

“There is no Heaven on earth, but there are pieces of paradise to see.”

The beautiful Valley of Pokhara is one of beautiful places that this quote defines.

Pokhara is a metropolitan city in Nepal which is situated in the Gandaki Pradesh of Nepal. Pokhara’s pristine air along with background of Macchapuchre & Annapurna range and the beauty of Phewa, Begnas and Rupa lakes turns Pokhara into one of most anticipated location for travel. Every year, many people visit Pokhara in order to travel to the Annapurna range and famous religious place Muktinath. Most of the tourists visiting Pokhara trek to the Annapurna Base Camp and Mustang. To the east of the Pokhara valley, in Lekhnath municipality, there are seven smaller lakes such as Begnas Lake, Rupa Lake, Khaste lake, Maidi lake, Neureni lake, Dipang lake. Begnas Lake is known for its fishery projects.

The Pokhara Valley is a must to visit place in Nepal. The images of majestic mountains that greets eyes of tourists every morning makes Pokhara an ideal destination. Pokhara is also one of the few destinations in the world which carters wide range of adventure activities. It offers not only cultural tourism but also Paragliding, Ultralight Flights, Zip line, Bungee Jumping & Rafting.

Pokhara is also shopper’s paradise. There are many shops that sells the trekking equipment, local handcrafts and gifts in Pokhara. The tourist district is along the north of the Phewa lake. It is mainly made up of small shops, tourist hotels, restaurants and bars. Most upscale hotels are on the southern shore of the Phewa Lake where there is more open land and unhindered views of the surrounding mountains.

Places to Visit

Rafting in Seti river. Seti river is one of popular rivers of Nepal for white water rafting. It is considered one of warmest rivers and is ideal for rafting.

Paragliding is considered as a sport for the people with desire to fly and Pokhara provides an opportunity for paragliding with a breath taking background.

Trekking trails. Pokhara has beautiful landscapes. Trekking in Pokhara allows Tourists to easily distract themselves from their day to day life and allows them to unite with the nature.

Fishing. Pokhara has an abundance of fresh water lakes home to varieties of fishes. Hence is considered a fisherman's paradise. Fishing is an easy source of relaxation, which takes travellers close to nature.

Country walks. The old bazaar allows tourists to witness mysterious alleys and courtyard where the local handicrafts, hanging beads and cultural attires would be seen.

Adventure Sports. Various adventure sports like skydiving, Zip flyers are available in Pokhara for those whom are seeking thrill.

Nature Walks. Pokhara is filled with natural beauties. Hill stations, valleys, lakes, caves and mountains will always keep travellers company while they are visiting Pokhara.

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