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Holidays to the USA cover pretty much every base, whether you want to ride the roller coasters at Walt Disney World Resort, roll the dice in Las Vegas or take a bite out of the Big Apple on an American city break. 

Sunset Over Manhattan


Discover a natural phenomenon - the Northern Lights lights eight months of the year on a holiday to Reykjavik where you can also relax in the natural hot springs. The lights are also spectacular in the quirky city of Tromso in Norway, just above the Arctic Circle.



Whether you are observing wildlife, learning about ancient communities or enjoying cocktails on the beach, there is always something new to discover in Africa. South Africa boasts coastlines, vineyards and lush green forests. On the other end, Egypt is the land of the pharaohs in the ancient city of Luxor with their tombs in the Valley of the Kings.


The Tropic of Cancer runs through India and is the accepted division between north and south. There are laid-back beaches in Goa and Kerala and forts and palaces in Taj Mahal. Aiming higher, you can visit Nepal for Kathmandu and Tibet, or Bhutan for majestic mountains and unique local architecture.



The sparsely populated continent of Australasia boasts a cultural treasure to explore. From vibrant artwork, native rituals and ancient rock carvings, to modern city highlights and historic landmarks there is something for everyone.

Koala in Zoo


Canada offers something for everyone. From its extreme winters with average daily temperatures of around -15 degrees Celsius to its summers of 30 degrees. The 170-foot dolomite at Niagara Falls is a must see as well as Rocky Mountains which has the perfect picture scenes with unique wildlife.


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